Where my heart is…

Would I sound too much like John Mayer if I said that half of my heart is somewhere across the world? Well actually it’s not half of my heart, it’s half of me! Last time I heard, my other half was in Africa. It’s also not half of my heart, it’s all of my heart! Wondering how I am alive? Me too.

It’s been a little over a month that Jon went on deployment. I am missing him so much. It’s no fun to be without him. No kisses when I come home, no one to cuddle with, no one to play rockband with, no one to watch movies with, no… well you get the picture. It also seems as if everything has been put on pause or at least slow motion. Last month felt like 4 months! I miss my best friend!

There are many things that have been keeping me pretty optimistic in these blue times though. One of them is, of course, Jon! I get emails pretty much everyday. They really make my day so much brighter. They’re like Oxy-clean to my day! They make my whites whiter and my brights brighter! I’m so blessed to have such an amazing husband like him. I thank God for him everyday. God has blessed me so much and has never failed me. He’s got our marriage in his hands, and that is exactly how I know that we are going to be just fine in our journey together. I doesn’t matter how many miles we are apart, we’ve always got each other and it really makes things so much easier on my heart. I’m also blessed to have such a supportive family. They make my load seem so much lighter. I can’t thank them enough so much for all they’ve done for me! They never cease to add some laughs into my day, and distract me from boring accounting homework too. Although I have run into a couple of dragons since school has started, it has been helping the time go by faster. Well at least I know that time never stops, and I will see him very soon!

I love Jon so much, and I sure can’t wait until he comes home. I keep in mind that this is only temporary, and that there is so much to look forward to when he comes back home. There are many wonderful moments waiting for us in the future, and I know that God will get us there. There’s no other hand I’d rather hold, no one I’d rather grow old with, and no one I can love as much as I love him.

Here’s a little slide show I made for him. We’ve made some great memories! I can’t wait to make some more 🙂 I’m so glad I can call him my husband and best friend. I love you Babe! ❤


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