Finals week.

It’s finals week! The week I have been waiting for all semester long. Well actually I was looking forward to the day after finals. Anyway, today I got an early start to my day, and I went straight to the books. I did a ginormous stack of problems, and I also produced this stack of flashcards.

Do those look conquerable? To me, they look like a dragon, and I’m just a little person trying to get to vacation land. With this said, I am gonna flashcard myself to sleep tonight. Oh, but today wasn’t all work and no play. I took my breaks to keep me from going crazy. I would peek at my favorite little man every chance I got. That’s my nephew! Isn’t he so cute?! I love him soooo much! Here he is with my sister. He has a twin mom just like I have a twin dad.

So that pretty much sums up my day. Just a whole lot of studying. Wish me lots of luck with these monsters I call finals! Soon this will be over, and I will be safe in vacation land. Ahhhh. Can’t wait!

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