Happy first day of Fall everyone! I could feel the change of season today. It was really nice. My husband and I even carved some pumpkins. Jon’s pumpkin is a masterpiece! It’s a ship! Mine is a scarecrow. If it only had a brain. The carving was pretty hard. I’m not much of an artist, oh but It was so much fun.

Yeah, the epitome of Fall!

This also reminded me that my birthday is coming up! Geez, I am getting old. I’m married, I buy candles when I go shopping, and I watch auction shows. I love it! Well I’ve been celebrating my birthday for 21 years now and the birthday craze has went down, but I’m still pretty excited about another year of life. Not because of presents or anything. Ha. I have been wanting a bike for a while now. I love walking, and I’d like to step it up to cycling! That would be a nice upgrade. Maybe a vintage looking one? Like this.

I also saw this dress on a commercial the other day and feel in love with it. I am stuck on bikes!

Anyway, I love fall! and now I’m gonna fall asleep. Goodnight!

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