January, and what it has brought so far.

Happy late new year everyone! It’s been a great year so far. The whole 20 days of it. As for resolutions, I didn’t make a certain list. However, I have become conscious in a few things I would like to change.

1) I would like to eat healthier.

If you know me, you know that I love carbs! I am a pizza lover and a pasta fiend. It’s amore to me! I also get baking urges after 9 p.m. which is not very helpful either! Lately, I’ve been trying to pay attention to the other food groups as well. I actually give spinach the time of day now! I am not a health nut yet, actually I am very far from it, but I have made a difference. I’m pretty proud of myself! I hope I can keep this going for the rest of my life. Eating healthy is a way of life.

2) I don’t want to take life so seriously.

I am a big worry bug! I stress about big things, little things, medium sized things, you name it. I’m hoping I can take it easy this year.

3) I want to blog more!

I only blog once in a while, but this year I want to give my blog a little TLC. I have been inspired by Elsie larson’s blog and Naomi Davis’ blog. They are so awesome! Elsie’s blog makes me want to go to Micheal’s and shop my little heart out!

Go check it out!

Also, here’s the link to Naomi’s blog: Rockstar Diaries

Oh my cat is enjoying healthy food too. Here he is dreaming with the cover of my “low carb” recipe book. ;P

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