This week.

My week was pretty adventurous, I’d say. I sailed through the channels on my television with my vicious lion and I took walks through Stockton. The walking through Stockton part definitely beats all the adventurous activities I did this week. High crime rates give it that effect. It was also my last week of vacation. Boo-hoo! It’s about time though. I need to turn my brain on before It forgets how to do accounting! It’s my last semester and I am excited, but also nervous. I’m so used to being a student. I wonder what it’s going to be like to be an accountant. I will find out very soon though. 🙂

This week I also made some awesome purchases at Crossroads and Rasputins. I got some cute tops. My favorite was the sailor inspired top. Hence, my sailing through television channels! I also got the Beirut & Fleet Foxes vinyls. I love, love, love my vinyls! They make me :).

Anyway, here’s what my week looked like. Literally.

Also, here’s some art by my hubby wubby. I guess I can say they are words to live by. 😉

Goodnight lovelies & sweet dreams! ❤

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