Just Another Manic Monday.

My Mondays have not been very busy for the past few weeks, but I think today is the start of a whole lotta them. I start school this week on Thursday, and I am getting so excited! Yes, I am actually excited about school! Today I dropped an online cognitive studies class for a yoga class, which increased my excitement levels by a whole lot. I’d rather get fit than write papers!

Anyway, today was a busy day full of errands, cooking, and fun. My mom surprised me with this divinity. The reason I say divine is because I just about died. (it was that good) 😛 Well, If I go to the right place that is. That is a subject for a whole other blog post though!

Oh yeah my day was sooooo busy that I had to make a list…. and taking self portraits was on there.

Today was a great day, but everyone knows that weekends always top weekdays. This weekend I went thrifting and I found this little fella.

Being a thrifter is almost like being a pirate looking for that treasure… or we can be leprechauns looking for gold…. I think I’ll stick to being a pirate 😉 When I think of leprechauns it makes me think of this:

And that is not pretty! I also think of this too… I love that guy with the blue cap’s face.

And last thing on my list, sleep! Hope the haunting thoughts of leprechauns don’t scare your sleep away. Just think about how happy that guy was! 😛 Goodnight!

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