Outfit Post a La Polaroid

Today was a happy Tuesday! The hubby and I played around with the Polaroid camera. It had been a while since we used it. We bought some film from The Impossible Project website back in March, and they have been collecting some dust so I thought I would put some to use for an outfit post!

Dress: Sans Souci
shoes: Urban Outfitters
Bow: Handmade by me (Little Red Bowtique)

As you can see, they Polaroids came out a bit blurry and not as clear as I hoped they would come out. I’m not sure if it’s because the film is expired, because something is wrong with my camera, or because of sunlight exposure. Any photographers out there that know? Well for now, I will have to embrace the blurriness of the pictures my camera takes.

I did some more thrifting today and I scored once again! I will be sharing that with you lovelies tomorrow! I’m sure you ladies will be proud of me! 😛 I also went and watched Brave with my momma and my hubby. It was such a cute movie! I would definitely say it is a must go! I am such a Fan of Disney! There’s a short animation before the movie starts and it is the cutest thing. The little boy reminded me of my sweet nephew. I thought I would share a clip of it with you lovelies. I would say it’s a nice little thing to watch before you go to bed…

Goodnight everyone! Hope you dream of walking on the moon with pretty stars! ❤

One thought on “Outfit Post a La Polaroid

  1. Hooray for polaroids! <3 I thrifted a new polaroid camera this week and I'm going to get some film from The Impossible Project too.
    I'm not sure about the polaroid bluriness (I'm not that experienced with film) but when using mine I found there was a setting you could adjust to vary the focal distance (it might be worth googling) I like the blurry effect anyway though <3 and I love using polaroids.
    I love your style by the way. And your phone cover is perfect.
    Have a lovely day. Thank you for sharing that lovely clip 🙂 xx


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