All ready with nowhere to go.

Yesterday was one of those “stay-at-home-all-day” kind of days. I just did some cleaning and relaxing. Then I decided to get ready since I didn’t want to spend all day in my PJs. Getting all prettied up is mostly for yourself anyway. πŸ˜›

Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Thrifted

This outfit has a combination of some of my favorite things: polka dots, bows, and florals! I got to wear my thrifted oxfords for the first time. I got to break them in at home versus out in public. That’s a plus, I guess. πŸ˜› I made one of my husband’s favorite meals, which is chicken stir fry. It’s pretty easy and it’s quite yummy! Maybe I’ll dedicate a post to the recipe one day!

Do you gals have any exciting plans for the weekend? I don’t quite yet. All I have planned is taking a walk right after I post this. Hopefully it gets exciting later! Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ❀

10 thoughts on “All ready with nowhere to go.

  1. Such an adorable outfit!! I love the polka dots and bow. I hope you had some fun adventures this weekend. I definitely am guilty of lounging around in my pjs, haha.


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