Welcome, new week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a pretty chill one. I spent most of it at home. Isn’t that always the story?! 😛 I only stepped foot out of the house to run a few errands with my momma. I had to step out looking like a wacky 50’s housewife! I wore my thrifted top for the first time too. So comfy! I also busted out one of my oldest skirts. I have been trying to bring some of my older clothes back into the “wearing cycle”. I need to stop shopping and wear all the stuff I have in my closet!

Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Macy’s
Shoes: JCrew
Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

This weekend I also discovered my new favorite app! It is a photo editing app called Lumie. It is great! It has every bokeh effect known to man! If you love bokeh go buy it! Here are a few pics that I edited with this app:

As you can see I went on a bokeh spree! I have a few other photo apps I love: Pixlrmatic, Picfx, Montage, and PS Express! Instagram adds that finishing touch as well!

Today I also found a dress that I fell in love with! The pattern is just so…. Peachy! Perfect for the Summer!

I’m sure this dress will make it’s appearance to the blog very soon! Can’t wait to wear that bad boy!

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