Feeling Just Peachy

Happy Thursday everyone! Can’t believe how fast this week has gone by! Nonetheless, it has been a fun week. The weather has been going bananas around here! It has been crazy hot! It got up to 109 degrees yesterday. I’ve been trying to wear the lightest things lately. It’s definitely summer! Because of this crazy heat, I finally wore my peach dress! I love the print! It goes perfect with the summer! It’s almost made of the lightest material. Peaches are one of my favorite fruits. I love them when they are kind of greenish because they are so sour. Try it and add a little bit of chili powder on it. I add chili powder on everything! Anyway, here’s how I wore the dress.

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: JCrew

I wear my apple sunglasses with everything, but I didn’t wear them yesterday because I didn’t want to make the peaches on my dress jealous. You all know how that goes! πŸ˜›

Yesterday I went to visit my sister and my angel of a nephew. As all of you have seen, I am pretty much my nephew’s biggest fan. He is always such a joy! Yesterday we caught him dancing to some Sesame Street. It was too adorable! Here he is: http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf and this is what the result of all that dancing was:

The result was pure cuteness! He does some of the funniest things! He’s always making us laugh. It’s crazy how fast they grow. I better stop before I break out in tears! πŸ˜›

This week my hubby found these great chevron pillows at TJMaxx! He knows how chevron obsessed I am so he insisted that we get them! They go perfect with our couch! They had so many different colors of them!

Yesterday night my sister also showed me the most amazing shoes EVER! I thought I would share them with all you peterpan-collar-loving ladies!

I Hope you all enjoy the rest of you week! ❀

11 thoughts on “Feeling Just Peachy

  1. I loooove peaches too! We have a salad with grilled peaches where I work and it's so delish! Never tried with the chili powder… Cute dress- I love the collar, and shoes with a mini collar? Cuteness overload πŸ™‚


  2. First of all, your nephew is adorbsUSA! Proud aunties over here!!!
    Yes to adding chili powder on EVERYTHING! I actually need to buy more off the mexican website that I frequent when I'm not in Texas. πŸ™‚
    I had been so stern on never stepping foot into F21 again after I had given them a shot last year after not shopping with them for about 10 years. The reason I was t.o.'d with them this time was because the last two items I had purchased a few months ago just went to falling apart within the first wear or two. I was over the quantity over quality shopping with them. But then I walked by and saw this dress and two others and I was like, “Dammit! I'll just take these three and this pair of heels and if you F me over then we're really done, Forever 21!” LOL So I finally posted my own version of me wearing this dress on my blog today! I basically wore my hair the same as you! haha I wear buns almost everyday. It's such a pain in the ass to do my hair, but when I do it, I love it. Buns are just easy breezy and I like them. πŸ™‚
    You look pretty, per usual!
    Oooh and dude I've had those heels in my ModCloth Lovelist forevers now!! They're so cute but I already have a pair of heels in that same cut, style and color so I weened myself off of spending more money. They sure are beauties and if they go on sale I'll jump on it. But you should totally get them!


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