Christmas gift ideas for him

1. AEO Reindeer Trapper Hat
I don’t think this hat is available online anymore, but I saw this at my local American Eagle store. I wanted it for myself, but my husband loved it too! It’s a reindeer hat, but as long as it’s cold it can be rocked. I may have to sneak over to the mall one day and just get it for him. (Hope he doesn’t read this blog post before Christmas too.) I may have to borrow it too.
2. You’re Alright in My Hook Sweater
My husband and I both share a love for anything nautical. When I saw this sweater, I knew he would love it too. Modcloth never fails.
3. DC Comics Batman Cozy Throw With Sleeves (I’d rather call it the Batman Snuggie)
I can’t use this as a gift for my hubby, because he couldn’t wait until Christmas when he spotted this at Hot Topic. It is made out of the softest and warmest material. Our guys will always be our super heroes, but what guy doesn’t want to be Batman?!
4. Minnetonka Men’s Double Bottom Fleece Slipper
I own three pairs of Minnetonka moccasins, and I LOVE them! They have the best quality mocs. My husband recently bought these shoes, and he loves them. They are true to size. At first, they may seem a little snug, but once they are broken in they are golden. They are perfect for this cool weather as well. So cozy.
5. Favorite Bough Tie
Modcloth does it again! This bow tie is so genius! This Bow tie by Wood Thumb is so unique. I would be perfect for a date night or maybe even for work. Whatever the occasion is, they will be as dapper as ever.

Hope your holiday shopping is going smoothly or almost coming to an end! Nothing screams happy holidays as loud as crowded shopping centers.

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