The Pros of Cold Weather

If you’re not already participating in the Coast to Coast Challenge on Instagram, you should start now! It is so much fun! Every Tuesday and Thursday, there is a certain challenge that is given. People from all over the world participate in this. All you have to do is dress the part and hashtag #coasttocoastchallenge on your picture. It’s really awesome to see all the brilliant looks that these ladies come up with! Yesterday the challenge was “layers”.

Outfit details: Top- Tucker for Target, Sweater- Forever 21, Pants- Love Sick, Boots- Modcloth

Wearing layers was just what I needed to do yesterday. It was fa-reez-ing cold! I am really enjoying this weather though. I have lots of clothes that I wear all year round. Now all I have to do is add a scarf and a cardigan to them, and I’m set. Busting out the things that I can’t wear all year round is the most exciting part though! The coats and boots get to come out of storage and play for a while.

Speaking of Winter, there is one thing I cannot give up no matter cold it gets. That is frozen yogurt! I will eat froyo, and I will freeze if I have to! I am pretty addicted to that stuff.

So what is your favorite part about Winter?

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