Leftover Wrapping Paper Ideas

I can imagine that many of you have already started wrapping your Christmas gifts. I just started today, and I still have quite a few to go. I probably won’t wrap those until the day before Christmas since procrastination is in my nature. Anyway, today when I was finished wrapping some gifts I noticed that I had a lot of wrapping paper leftover. So I thought of a few ways that this pretty paper won’t go to waste.

1. Make a present bow.

Step 1: Cut the leftover wrapping paper into small strips. If you want to make a bigger bow, you can cut it into bigger strips as well.

Step 2: Fold the strips into a ring.

Step 3: Then you will stack these strips on top of each other. I started by placing them into a cross. Then I placed two more diagonally. It’ll start looking more like a bow now.

Final result: In the end, the bow should look a bit like this (or maybe even better).

2. Make a gift tag. 

To make a gift tag, all you will need is wrapping paper, card stock, glue, and string. All I did was cut both my wrapping paper and card stock into a square. Then I glued them together. The card stock keeps the wrapping paper from folding or rolling up. I didn’t have a hold punch, so I used a needle to make a hole on the top of the gift tag. Once you have a hole, you put the string through it and you’re set!

3. Make a Christmas card.

Making a Christmas card is much like making a gift tag, except it’s just a bit bigger. The first step is to cut both the wrapping paper and card stock into a big square. Then you glue them together. Once they are glued together, you fold this square in half. Now you have a Christmas card! I decorated the inside with the left over wrapping paper as well. There is so much you can do with these scraps!

There is just something special about handmade goodies, especially during Christmas time! I hope these ideas come in handy for you! Just get creative, and don’t let that pretty paper go to waste! If you have anymore leftover wrapping paper ideas, tell us! The more the merrier!

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