Glimpses of my move

 1. It is mandatory to be comfy while moving. The weather outside is frightful so I have been bundled up lately. I live in sweaters. This sweater in particular is my favorite though. It’s so comfy and warm.

2. Packing has helped me come to the realization that I have a problem. I think I really like shoes or something.

 3. Moving is no fun, but moving during the holidays is even worst. We had to take down our Christmas tree and decorations early, but we decided that this would be our new tree for this year. Nice and simple.

4. Here are a few of my favorite things that I own: my record player, my vinyls, and my Mickey Mouse jar. They are all ready to go to their new home. I am actually really excited to decorate this new place. I have so many new decorating ideas. I look through a lot of blogs for inspiration, and I have found some projects that I can’t wait to try!

5. Rigby helps us move by being entertaining and cute.

6. A girl needs to eat! Actually when I ordered this, I didn’t expect to be served such a monster. It was delicious, but there was no way I could eat this in one sitting. I seriously felt like I was in a food challenge. Woman vs. Food.

 7. Best way to end my day.

2 thoughts on “Glimpses of my move

  1. moving during the holidays IS kind of a bummer. our family just moved from the DC area up to Grand Rapids, MI the day after Christmas. it didn't really feel like Christmas this year! but being in a brand new place in a fun brand new city is kind of the coolest “present” ever. 🙂


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