Weekend highlights + thoughts

I hope all of you are having a lovely weekend! Mine has been great so far. I can’t say I’ve been too productive, but that’s what week days are for. Right?

As the days of 2013 go by, I keep up coming up with new resolutions. One of them is to make working out a daily thing. I worked out yesterday morning, and I felt so refreshed! Now I need to keep it up (the hard part)! Another one of my resolutions is to eat more green. I’m the biggest carb fiend, and the lettuce has been calling my name lately. I’ll probably have a list full of resolutions by the end of January. I know I should have had these ready before the year even started, but I’ll put “Try to avoid procrastination!” on the list too.

Anyway, the highlight of my weekend was the movie date I went to with my sweetheart. We finally went to go watch Les Misérables. If you go watch this movie, I advise you to bring a big box of tissues and wear waterproof mascara. I was on verge of tears the whole 2 hours and 27 minutes! It was an amazing! Hugh Jackman really surprised me! I had only known him as Wolverine, but homeboy can sing! Go watch it before I spoil it for you!

I finally got to wear my Modcloth dress that my husband got me for Christmas! This is definitely one of my favorite dresses in my closet now. It has fire hydrants all over it! It’s a very light summery dress, but as I made it work in the Winter. Just add a cardigan, a pair of tights, and boots to a summer dress, and it’s a year-round dress!

Outfit Details: Dress- Modcloth, Cardigan- Target, Belt- Another line, Tights- Target, Boots- Modcloth, Bow- American Apparel

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