Weekend at home

Outfit details: Top- Monteau, Shorts- Cotton On, Tights- Romwe, Shoes- Madden Girl

So far this weekend has been one spent at home. I’ve been catching up on some pending stuff, planning, and getting things organized for the coming week. My hubby and I also got to do some cooking together, which is always enjoyable. The only thing we went out for was a Target run. Oh man, and the Target curse gets us every time! I walked out of there with lipstick, a planner, and vanilla frozen yogurt. All necessary things to have, right? 😉

I obviously have valentines day in mind by the looks of this outfit! I love valentines day. Hearts everywhere. Cute red and pink things. Chocolate. This year I am so tempted to buy valentines day cards for all of my family and friends just like elementary school. I used to love those so hard! Oh the memories.

23 thoughts on “Weekend at home

  1. you're so adorable. i love those tights! and shoes! and this entire outfit and wish it was warm enough for shorts here! dang winter.

    i totally miss school valentine's day. we should definitely bring that back for the real world!


  2. Love those tights! I don't celebrate Valentines though I love going to Target and go into their kitchen section and find the cutest valentine's dishes and glasses for a cheap price.


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