Health Goals

 1. Be more active. It hurts to admit it, but I have been so lazy lately! There is an elliptical trainer and treadmill in the garage that work perfectly well, but I’m just the one who is lacking motivation. I am looking to change this. It’s so important to keep an active lifestyle. It gives you more energy, makes you look better, and makes you feel better too! Also, it only takes about an hour of my day. What’s one hour out of 24 hours? 
2. Eat healthier. I am a carb fiend. So eating healthy is not exactly my first instinct. However, eating junk food gets a bit old after a while. I plan on eating out a lot less. I want to lessen this to once a week at the most. This will save me some money and also make me learn new recipes! I really want to learn how to cook new things this year. I have so many recipes I have had my eye on and that I hope to share with you all.
3. Regulate my sleeping schedule. I go to sleep at around 1 a.m. on most nights and this is not good! My goal is to go to sleep earlier so that I can wake up earlier. I get so much more done throughout my day when I wake up early. I love that feeling of being productive! So my goal is to go to sleep at around 10 p.m. and wake up at 7 a.m. Lets change these night owl ways of mine!
4. Smile and be happy. This one is last, but definitely not least! I feel like a lot of my top goals will lead to more of this one. To lessen any stress levels, I plan on being more organized. Being surrounded by disorder can drive anyone insane. I also want to find happiness in the small things. Small beautiful things happen in our lives everyday. Lets keep our minds busy with positive things so that the negative thoughts will no time to linger. Also, Smile! Smiling is a truly contagious thing!
It may take me a while to accomplish these goals, but I’ll be working to make them a part of my everyday life. Have you set any health goals for yourself? I find it very encouraging when I hear other people’s goals. So feel free to share!

11 thoughts on “Health Goals

  1. These are great! The first three describe me to a T. I have found getting started (for at least the last three years) hard. Hopefully I'll pick up some tips as you go along your journey.


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