Deck The Walls With Hearts

Outfit Details: Bow- c/o KM Little Somethings, Dress- Red Velvet shop, Shoes- Preview 
February is approximating, and I’m starting to get really excited for Valentines day! I’m planning on hanging this little heart garland from Target on one of my walls. I don’t know if I’ll be ever to take it down though. It may just turn into a permanent house decoration! I also did what I said I would do, and bought Valentines just like the elementary school days. I’ll be packing them with every order from my IG/online shop in the month of February along with a little heart lollipop. Cute little details are the best part about packages! It makes it fun to pack them up too.
I am currently planning for the month of February, and I’m really excited for what’s to come! This goes for my life and Little Red Bowtalk as well. I’m really loving 2013 so far. I can’t imagine what the rest of the year will look like!

16 thoughts on “Deck The Walls With Hearts

  1. Yay for The Postal Service!! I heard that they are getting back together this year. I'm not sure if it's just for a reunion tour of if they are making a new album but either way it is exciting!


  2. I'm jealous for a whole lot of reasons here! One, you have that heart garland! Our target never got it. Two, you have the postal service vinyl! And three, you're just so freaking adorable! 😉


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