January Snapshots

January was such a productive and exciting month! That’s probably why it went by so fast! I’ve been sticking to most of my resolutions, and making a lot of progress in many areas of my life. I’ve been eating healthier and staying more active. I’ve been updating here more, which is my one of my favorite outlets. I got to be on two blogs that I absolutely love: Coast to Coast Challenge and Sometimes Sweet. I’ve also been going to sleep earlier. I’ve also been trying to be as positive as can be. I feel like I got a great start to my year! Now onto February we go! February is my husband’s birthday and Valentine’s day. So this month should be tons of fun!

All of my pictures above are from my Instagram. My username is @littleredbowtique

8 thoughts on “January Snapshots

  1. If the first month of the year is good, imagine how the rest will be! Yay for good and fresh starts. I like February, too. Valentines day is the best. When you have a valentine I guess. Orrrrr just like to spoil your self with tons of candy. ;]


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