Lovely Layers

Oufit details: Top- Popbasic, Dress- Zara, Belt- Another Line, Shoes- Kimchi Blue

One of my favorite parts about chilly weather is the ability to layer. I love layering! It’s a cute way to stay warm! Today I decided to wear one of my favorite dresses with one of my most recent purchases, the Popbasic polka dot top. I absolutely love this top! It is so comfy and it can be worn for so many different occasions. It can be dressed up and dressed down as well. I am obsessed with polka dots so I had to have Popbasic’s micro collection. The micro collection came with two lovely necklaces, which should be making their appearances on here very soon! This micro collection is still available on their website. So go snag it before it’s gone!

I’ve been trying to incorporate more colors into my outfits lately. I’m usually wearing white, navy, gray, red, or black. I felt like giving purple a chance this time. Especially since I hadn’t worn this dress in too long. Hopefully I can bring some more color to this place!

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