DIY Felt Hair Bow

Bows are perfect when you want to add a cute little detail to any outfit. You can wear them on a half tail, on a bun, on the side of your hair, just about anyway! Just get creative, and you are sure to get adorable results! Fortunately, they are also super easy to make too!

 1. Two strips of felt. One for your bow (the larger one) and one for the middle of the bow (the skinnier one). // 2. Small barrette // 3. Scissors // 4. Glue gun
 1. Grab the larger strip of felt and fold both sides. Make sure that both sides are even. Then use your glue gun to add a drop or two on each side of the bow. // 2. Once the glue is dry, clinch the bow in the middle. If one of the sides comes apart, add a little bit more glue, and then clinch it again. // 3. Now you can grab the skinnier felt piece and wrap it around the middle of the bow where you clinched it. Use as much of the skinny piece as you think works. I only went around the bow with it twice. // 4. Then you cut the skinny piece and add a drop of super glue. // 5. Now you can glue on your small barrette. // 6. You’re finished! 

Theses bows are so easy and fast to make! You could even surprise a friend with a little handmade gift!

Happy crafting!

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