Just a Beginner

Outfit Details: Top- Monteau // Skirt- H&M // Tights- J.Crew // Shoes- Rampage
Today I decided to experiment a little bit with my camera. My husband usually takes all of my outfit photos, but today he is off to school. So I thought I should try to learn how to take them myself. I recently got this camera so I still have A LOT to learn, but I feel like I got a good start today. This is the first DSLR I’ve ever owned so I get lost easily. However, I found my way! These pictures aren’t amazing or anything, but I’m pretty glad I learned a bit about my camera. Turns out taking pictures by yourself is pretty simple. 
My little experiment brought me lots of laughs, thanks to Rigby (my dog)! My camera was making a lot of noise and he just kept looking at it and barking like “What the heck!” He even joined me in one of the photos. I’m pretty sure he wanted to show off his new haircut. He usually has a little teddy bear haircut, but he ended up getting the fancy dog look. Definitely not what we expected to see. Nonetheless, he is still adorable as can be.
I’ve also been searching for new places to take my outfit photos. I don’t live in a very interesting place. Modesto is quite boring, but I guess you can find beauty anywhere you go. Lets hope I can find some great locations soon! 
If you guys have any photo-taking tips, I’d be glad to hear them! I’m just a novice. 


21 thoughts on “Just a Beginner

  1. Just watch how high you have your ISO set! It'll help with the graininess of photos. Unless you're in a lowlight situation try to keep it between 100 and 400. It depends on the DSLR model thought. My 350D looked grainy over 800, but my 60D shoots well in 3200 ISO without being grainy. Have fun! I think you're off to a good start. (:


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