February Snapshots

February came and went, but boy did we have fun this month! Here’s a few of the highlights of my month:

♥  The hubby and I went on a little adventure to Knight’s Ferry. It was nice get out of the ‘burbs and see some country roads.

♥  This month was also what I like to call Love month. Yes, Valentine’s day is such a marketing scheme, but it’s the cutest one! I’ve been sending out valentines and candy in all of this month’s packages from my IG shop (@shoplittleredbowtique). Everyone loves candy!

♥  Last week was my hubby’s birthday, and we pretty much celebrated the whole week. I would bake this guy a cake everyday if I could. Too bad we’d be headed toward heart attack-ville.

♥  Oh, and I also took a lot of pictures of my feet.

I’m SO looking forward to the month of March! Spring is coming! Hooray! This month I got a taste of some warm weather, but I can’t wait for it to stay for good. 

All the pictures above are from my Instagram feed. If you have Instagram,  follow me @littleredbowtique!

6 thoughts on “February Snapshots

  1. I agree that it is a marketing scheme, but what a great thing to build a market on! I love February! Valentine's Day is my favorite, next to planning my children's birthday parties.


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