Lazy Sunday

Outfit Details: Cardigan- J.Crew // Shirt- Forever 21 // Skirt- H&M // Tights- Target // Shoes- Franco Sarto
My weekend was wonderfully lazy! I spent most of it laying on my couch watching cheesy shows on Animal planet and snacking on sour candy. It was the best. However, today I did have take a break from being lazy to go outside. It was beautiful out so Jon and I decided to go on a long walk around the neighborhood with Rigby. I get allergies really bad during this season, but I enjoy looking at all the beautiful trees and flowers during this season. So I took a Zyrtec, and off we went! Everyone was outside today too, which was so nice. Today was the epitome of Spring!
When we came home, we treated Rigby to a bath. He didn’t think it was much of a treat though! Rigby is scared of bathrooms because he hates baths! It’s so funny because he follows Jon all over the house, but he will NOT walk into a bathroom. As soon as Jon walked into the bathroom, Rigby wanted out of the house. He went up to the sliding door, and started scratching it. It was hilarious and adorable!

Here are the results of his bath! Bet you can even smell them! Fresh, clean, and fluffy as can be. He spent the rest of the afternoon rolling all over the floor trying to come back to his normal dirty self. Crazy dog. 

6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Rigby is such a gorgeous dog! Poodle? I love his curly hair! We just gave our water-hating dogs baths and it's amazing for the 5 minutes you're not cleaning up all the water in the bathroom from them shaking AND then them rubbing themselves along the floor. My little dog does it to dry off I think. Whatever the reason, can you just be clean for 5 seconds?! Silly pups. It's also be just great if they would clean themselves and scoop their own poop, right?


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