Weekday Uniform

Outfit Details: Top- Forever 21 // Jeans- Lovesick // Necklace- c/o Scarlett Garnet // Boots- Franco Sarto // Bag- Thrifted
 Monday through Friday you can find me in a slouchy top and a pair of jeans. This is what I call my weekday day uniform. Today I fancied it up with this pair of heeled booties and a my favorite Scarlett Garnet necklace. There was a time when the only thing I wore was skirts and dresses, and I still wear them a lot but I’ve given pants a chance. It really helps when you find a pair of pants that you love. I’m a little bit on the short side (I’m 5’2″) so finding a pair of jeans that isn’t too long can be a difficult task. However, these are the perfect length for me! So I went and bought them in different colors! I am guilty of doing this with quite a few things. If I really love something, I go and buy it in every color. Can’t go wrong with that!
While I was outside, I couldn’t help but snap some photos of the pretty flowers that Spring brought me. All the trees are covered in flowers, the birds are chirping away, and I can leave the windows open all day. I’m enjoying everything about Spring just like I knew I would.

9 thoughts on “Weekday Uniform

  1. I love the print of the slouchy top! This is the perfect weekday uniform 🙂 So excited to see some spring blooms, we are a bit behind out here in Colorado but I did see fuzzy little buds on the tree outside this window this morning!
    Hope you're having a fabulous day!
    xo Hannah


  2. Hello! I found you from being a fellow sponsor of Selective Potential this month 🙂

    You are adorable and I love this outfit. Your top and and necklace match perfectly!

    Sophie | onetenzeroseven.com/blog


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