March Snapshots

♥ I found myself wearing lots of sparkles in March! I have a small collection of shiny things, and they seem to make their way into my daily outfits. Every girl loves her glitter.

♥ We went on a few small road trips this month, and early mornings on the road call for breakfast stops. Breakfast has got to be one of my favorite meals of the day, especially when it involves coffee and potatoes.

♥ Spring arrived last month and so did all the beautiful blooms! The weather has been absolutely perfect lately. During the day the sun is out to keep me warm, and at night it rains and puts me right to sleep. So perfect! 

♥ As you all know, this month I did a little Little Red Bowtique update. I still have lots of pretty things available!

♥ Rigby and I have been spending more time together, and I’m starting to think he may love me as much as he loves Jon now. Yeah, we’re pretty competitive when it comes to Rigby!

♥ I love candy! I am an especially big fan of anything sour! So good. Anyway, I feel like I’ve overdosed on candy. Maybe on my April recap you will see more pictures of vegetables and fruits…. Maybe.

♥ I’m sure you can tell by my outfits that I have settled right into Spring. The first day of spring I thought it would be perfect to wear florals so I wore my floral print oxfords. I don’t own lots of floral print clothes, but these shoes will add that dash of floral that any Spring outfit will need.

♥ That last photo is of Jon and I on Easter. I’m just warning you that it’s about to get really sappy. Oh how I love my partner in crime. I really am so blessed to have such an amazing husband who is so supportive and encouraging. We are looking forward to the month of April and just the future in general. I’m so excited for the great things that are to come for us. I’m also so thankful to God and the people around us who cheer us on! We love you all so much!

All the pictures above are from my Instagram feed. If you have Instagram,  follow me @littleredbowtique!

5 thoughts on “March Snapshots

  1. cute little glimpses into your life 🙂 ps. i love your bangs parted on the side like in the last photo! i love having bangs, it's always fun to change them up 🙂



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