Sweet Sound

Outfit details: Dress- Sweet Symphony Dress c/o Paint the Town // Belt- Another Line // Shoes- Preview

Music has been a love of mine ever since I can remember. I especially love when a song comes on and it takes you back to a moment. I have lots of great memories that involve music. When I was about 9 years old, my sister and I would record ourselves singing on cassettes. My favorite recording was when we sang Every Morning by Sugar Ray. There were lots of laughs and goofy memories made during those recordings. I also love coming home to my guitar after a long day at work. Such a great way to wind down and just relax.
So when I saw this dress, I felt like it was made for me! I’m a sucker for cute prints, and Paint the Town totally nailed it with this simple yet playful print. This dress is so comfortable so it will be perfect for work. I spend most of my life at work, which is why comfort is such a priority for me. I also love that it can be fancied up with a pair of heels for a night out with my sweetheart. Oh and last but definitely not least, it has pockets! A dress with pockets beats a regular ol’ dress any day! I know all of you ladies can agree with me.
Well I am off to wait for the hubby to get off of work so we can go on a dinner date. We’ll probably come home and do some puzzles since that is what we’ve been into these days. Then tomorrow I plan on doing a whole lotta nothing and maybe some thrifting. This has been such a long week so sleeping in and doing nothing is much appreciated. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

11 thoughts on “Sweet Sound

  1. This dress is simply magical! I know what you mean by singing along to casettes as a kid…We sang along to the spice girls and found an old Human League tape we used to like. This music print is darling, and such a flattering shape. Some lovely shots you got here!

    Enjoy your dinner date xxxx Rebecca


  2. Oh wow! My sister and I would do the same thing, record ourselves on tape. We would also move our cassette player up against the speaker of the radio and record songs that we liked that came on the radio. XD This dress is definitely adorable.


  3. Music is one of my passions too so I totally understand how you might feel when wearing that dress! 🙂 It's lovely!
    I found your blog through instagram and I'm loving it, Marlyn! I can relate to a lot of your content. I'll come back to read a few more older posts and I'll definitely subscribe to keep updated!

    Blog: Frames and High Heels


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