Weekend Adventures

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San Francisco has always been one of my favorite cities. It’s home to the best thrift stores, museums, and sceneries. When we moved to Petaluma (which is about 40 minutes away from SF) in November, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit bummed that I was moving away from my mom. We are only a 2 hour drive away from each other, but I was so used to spending every day with her. However, I was consoled by the fact that we would be close to so many gorgeous places like Point Reyes, San Francisco, Napa, Sausalito, and so many other places I have yet to see. So we planned that once we were settled into our new place, we would go out and explore new places every weekend.

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I always look forward to going on adventures with my boys. There are so many memories to be made and places to introduce them to. However, getting out of the house can sometimes be a challenge. Did you pack an extra outfit just in case of a blow out? Did you pack enough diapers and wipes? Did you pack enough snacks? By the time you have packed everything you need to get out of the house, your diaper bag weighs about a ton! It takes us about three hours to be completely ready too. It’s so worth it though!


There’s one thing I don’t have to worry about, and that is my child’s safety. Thanks to the Cybex Sirona M carseat, I know they are safe when we are on the road. The Sirona M has an amazing safety technology called SensorSafe 2.0, which monitors the well-being of my little one through the smart chest clip that is synced with the installed vehicle receiver and my smartphone. The SensorSafe technology prevents your child from slipping out of the safety harness unnoticed and alerts you when unsafe conditions arise. It will notify you if your child unbuckles their seat while you are driving, when the temperature gets to high or low, and if your child is seated for a prolonged period of time. It will also notify you that the child is still buckled in the carseat if it senses that you have left the vehicle.  The Sirona M also has a 12-position height adjustable headrest and an Adjustable Linear Side Impact Protection System. This carseat is the real deal!

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Gavin was a comfy and happy passenger on our recent trip to the Marin Headlands in Sausalito, CA. I can easily say that this is my favorite view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was perfect, and I even caught a glimpse of a deer while driving around! Next time we visit, we plan on bringing food and having a picnic.

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What are some of the prettiest places you’ve visited in Northern California? We hope to fill our weekends with more exciting adventures!

Thank you to Cybex for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. Hi!
    I have a 3yr old boy & a 7month old boy. Please I would love to know where you get the overall/rompers !!! Thats exactly what I am looking for as outfits for an upcoming photoshoot we are having 🙂 thanks!


    1. Hi there! Oh our boys have a very similar age difference! My mom has made many of them, but I’ve also found some cute ones at Cotton On Kids, Baby Gap, Zara, Amazon, and other online boutiques. Hope this helps!


      1. Awee!! That is so adorble I am really enjoying this age difference 🙂 we should have a playdate hahaha as to the outfits thank you I will check out the places you mentioned!


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