Picnic Day with Healthy Times


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Motherhood is such a beautiful rollercoaster. One day we think we’ve got it all figured out, and the next day your kiddos have moved on to the next phase. It’s hectic and ever changing. They are growing, and we are growing along with them. And boy, they are growing so fast! It’s so easy to forget during the day when you are running around making sure that everyone is happy and healthy. That’s why it is so important to slow down and make time to enjoy them.

One thing I have been working on is making time to go on dates with each of my boys. It had been on my mind for a while, and I was finally able to go on my first date with Bryce. He chose to go to the park, and I decided that we should have a picnic as well! So I brought a blanket and some Healthy Times Hugga Bear Cookies along with us.

Healthy Times Hugga Bear Cookies have been our go-to snack lately. Not only do the boys love them because of their fun shapes, but I love that they have calcium, B vitamins, zinc and iron – all the vitamins and minerals they need in a cookie. They are also non-GMO Project verified, which gives me such peace of mind.

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It was such a perfect Fall day, and I was so glad I was enjoying it with my boy. We played in the leaves, took a walk, went down the slide together, had conversations about tractors, and enjoyed some Hugga Bear Cookies together. All of Bryce’s favorite things! Of course, we couldn’t end the day without a great big bear hug.

It was such a simple little date, but it made him feel so special. It doesn’t take much to make our little ones happy. These are the moments they will remember for years to come. I look forward to going on more dates with my boys!

Where is your little one’s happy place? And what are some of the special things you guys do together?

Thank you to Healthy Times for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


Weekend Adventures

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San Francisco has always been one of my favorite cities. It’s home to the best thrift stores, museums, and sceneries. When we moved to Petaluma (which is about 40 minutes away from SF) in November, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit bummed that I was moving away from my mom. We are only a 2 hour drive away from each other, but I was so used to spending every day with her. However, I was consoled by the fact that we would be close to so many gorgeous places like Point Reyes, San Francisco, Napa, Sausalito, and so many other places I have yet to see. So we planned that once we were settled into our new place, we would go out and explore new places every weekend.

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I always look forward to going on adventures with my boys. There are so many memories to be made and places to introduce them to. However, getting out of the house can sometimes be a challenge. Did you pack an extra outfit just in case of a blow out? Did you pack enough diapers and wipes? Did you pack enough snacks? By the time you have packed everything you need to get out of the house, your diaper bag weighs about a ton! It takes us about three hours to be completely ready too. It’s so worth it though!


There’s one thing I don’t have to worry about, and that is my child’s safety. Thanks to the Cybex Sirona M carseat, I know they are safe when we are on the road. The Sirona M has an amazing safety technology called SensorSafe 2.0, which monitors the well-being of my little one through the smart chest clip that is synced with the installed vehicle receiver and my smartphone. The SensorSafe technology prevents your child from slipping out of the safety harness unnoticed and alerts you when unsafe conditions arise. It will notify you if your child unbuckles their seat while you are driving, when the temperature gets to high or low, and if your child is seated for a prolonged period of time. It will also notify you that the child is still buckled in the carseat if it senses that you have left the vehicle.  The Sirona M also has a 12-position height adjustable headrest and an Adjustable Linear Side Impact Protection System. This carseat is the real deal!

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Gavin was a comfy and happy passenger on our recent trip to the Marin Headlands in Sausalito, CA. I can easily say that this is my favorite view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was perfect, and I even caught a glimpse of a deer while driving around! Next time we visit, we plan on bringing food and having a picnic.

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What are some of the prettiest places you’ve visited in Northern California? We hope to fill our weekends with more exciting adventures!

Thank you to Cybex for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Our Mission To Find a Christmas Tree


Our outing to find a Christmas tree sure felt like a mission with two little ones in tow (we’re still getting used to the two kid life), but we found the one! This is our first real Christmas tree! We were so excited to go real this year, and it has definitely been living up to the hype. Smells so good and feels like part of the family already. What will we do when Christmas is over?!

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As you can see, Bryce was much more interested in running around than choosing a tree. I spent most of the time running after him (he’s always making sure I get my exercise haha), but I’m so excited to make this a new tradition for our little family. I’ll treasure these moments forever, and I know he will too.

We recently moved to Petaluma from Modesto for my husband’s job (they are about three hours away from each other), and we are finally settling in to our new place. We loved visiting this Christmas tree farm! It was one of the cutest ones I had ever seen. We are loving our new town so far. We are close to lots of beautiful places like San Francisco and Point Reyes, and I can’t wait to take my boys out for some fun adventures. It’s nice to get to know the area more. It feels a little bit more like home every passing day.

Here’s a glimpse of our living room, and there’s our Christmas tree in all of its glory. We still have quite a few changes to make to this space: we’re waiting for a new sofa and planning on purchasing a new rug. I will be sure to show you guys the finished product, but here’s what we have so far. Do you guys have any suggestions on where I can find the perfect rug? I look forward to hearing them!



So Far in 2014

Hello lovelies! Long time no see! It’s been a whole 7 months since I have posted on here, and I have so much to update you guys on. I decided to do a recap of what I’ve been up to lately (last two months) since that’s when all of the fun stuff began.

One of my new years resolutions was to go on more adventures with Jon, and as soon as January started I already had a list ready to go. California is full of beautiful places. So I’m hoping that this year, I’ll be able to get to know my home state a lot better. We also plan on visiting Oregon and Washington since I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about these places.

Our first adventure was in January, and the destination was Monterrey, CA. I had been here a few times before as a kid, and I loved it! Jon was a first-timer, and I was so excited to introduce him to this beaut. We, of course, did all of the touristy stuff. We went to Cannery Row, and there we visited our friends at the aquarium. Remember, fish are friends not food. Later that day, we took the 17 mile drive. The homes we saw on the 17 mile drive were amazing, and with a perfect view too. We are pretty much convinced that we need to move to Monterrey. When we win the lotto, of course. We then stopped at Spanish Bay, and saw the sun go down while we walked on beach. The next day we visited Carmel. We saw the cutest dogs on the beach, and really regretted not taking Rigby with us. He would have loved it!

Next stop, San Francisco, CA! We’ve been to SF so many times, but never to sight-see. Jon went to college there for about a year and a half, and never really got to get any enjoyment out of such a neat place. We had a few troubles getting to the fun part of this trip thanks to tolls, buses, and crazy pedestrians and drivers. Eventually, we learned that a cab was the way to go. We finally got to the Golden Gate bridge after a good hour of being lost. A big thank you to all the little old ladies on the bus that really helped us find our way! It was all worth it though! The Golden Gate Bridge is such a beautiful sight to see! We wanted to go on the Alcatraz tour, but they were booked. Not a surprise. After we walked across the bridge and enjoyed the gorgeous view, we walked around Pier 39. I got a glimpse of the bush man startling some folks. We didn’t get to do as much as we wanted to on this trip, but hope to go back and get the rest of the stuff off of our bucket list soon.

The next day we decided to venture out to Point Reyes, CA. It was around an hour away from San Francisco. So we thought, why the heck not?! Plus, I had been wanting to go there for the longest time! This place is pure amazing. I don’t recommend going there on an empty stomach (like yours truly did) since there is a lot of physical activity involved. This place is not only one of the most gorgeous places I’d ever to, but also one of the most interesting places. There is a lot of history to this place, and it has been well preserved. I really wanted to see the lighthouse, and it was the first lighthouse I had ever seen in person. As you can see by my photo, the wind was absolutely insane! You also have to go down about 300 steps (equivalent to 30 stories) to get the lighthouse. The going down was not the problem for me, it was the going up that had me gaspin’ for air! I’m outta shape, and I’m doing something about that in 2014 too. Anyway, this place is gorgeous and if you’re in California you MUST visit! Plus, you’ll see Elk, Elephant Seals, and the prettiest trees there!

I really hope to not be such a stranger anymore! I miss this little corner on the web! Also, if you lovelies know of any places that I should add to my “must visit” places, please share! I would love to hear your experiences!

Knight’s Ferry

Outfit details: Top- Forever 21 // Cardigan- J.Crew // Skirt- Forever 21 // Tights- Target // Boots- Wanted

This weekend the hubby and I went on a little adventure to Knight’s Ferry. Knight’s Ferry is little historic town about 30 minutes away from where I live. According to Wikipedia, Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza was filmed near there. Thought that was a neat little fact. Anyway, we felt like seeing a little bit of nature so we decided to pack the Canon and take a little trip. I didn’t come prepared for any hiking trips, but I did have fun reading about Knight’s Ferry and its history. We saw a beautiful river and mountains. It was nice to get out of the suburbs and see some beauty. Next time I plan on hiking a bit and doing some more exploring!

While thrifting…

Today was full of adventures, but they weren’t just any kind of adventures… They were thrifting adventures! Only the best kind! So I thought I had to dress for the occasion. I wore my thrifting sailor uniform and off I sailed into the sea of thrift stores.
Actually I only went to two of them and that is all I needed to feel lucky! First, I went to the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop in Modesto. There I found two seasons of Madmen! I didn’t understand why anyone would want to get rid of them, but I sure wasn’t complaining. I met some of the sweetest ladies there, and even convinced them to watch Mad Men. Lets hope Don Draper’s antics don’t seem to overboard for them! 😛
Then I went to The Hope Chest. I always find the best things at those thrift stores. I find the name so fitting as well! When I was about to leave, I ran into one of the loveliest food warmers that has ever existed! I just went on and went to checkout with my mom. I was empty-handed and my mom was just paying for some pretty shoes she found. Long story short, I couldn’t leave without my food warmer!
I’m sure you can see why! I loved how retro it looked! I would love to decorate my house with colors like these! Ah, I had a great day! Well veni, vidi, vici! Now it’s time to sleep… goodnight lovelies! ❤