Deck The Walls With Hearts

Outfit Details: Bow- c/o KM Little Somethings, Dress- Red Velvet shop, Shoes- Preview 
February is approximating, and I’m starting to get really excited for Valentines day! I’m planning on hanging this little heart garland from Target on one of my walls. I don’t know if I’ll be ever to take it down though. It may just turn into a permanent house decoration! I also did what I said I would do, and bought Valentines just like the elementary school days. I’ll be packing them with every order from my IG/online shop in the month of February along with a little heart lollipop. Cute little details are the best part about packages! It makes it fun to pack them up too.
I am currently planning for the month of February, and I’m really excited for what’s to come! This goes for my life and Little Red Bowtalk as well. I’m really loving 2013 so far. I can’t imagine what the rest of the year will look like!

Weekend highlights + thoughts

I hope all of you are having a lovely weekend! Mine has been great so far. I can’t say I’ve been too productive, but that’s what week days are for. Right?

As the days of 2013 go by, I keep up coming up with new resolutions. One of them is to make working out a daily thing. I worked out yesterday morning, and I felt so refreshed! Now I need to keep it up (the hard part)! Another one of my resolutions is to eat more green. I’m the biggest carb fiend, and the lettuce has been calling my name lately. I’ll probably have a list full of resolutions by the end of January. I know I should have had these ready before the year even started, but I’ll put “Try to avoid procrastination!” on the list too.

Anyway, the highlight of my weekend was the movie date I went to with my sweetheart. We finally went to go watch Les Misérables. If you go watch this movie, I advise you to bring a big box of tissues and wear waterproof mascara. I was on verge of tears the whole 2 hours and 27 minutes! It was an amazing! Hugh Jackman really surprised me! I had only known him as Wolverine, but homeboy can sing! Go watch it before I spoil it for you!

I finally got to wear my Modcloth dress that my husband got me for Christmas! This is definitely one of my favorite dresses in my closet now. It has fire hydrants all over it! It’s a very light summery dress, but as I made it work in the Winter. Just add a cardigan, a pair of tights, and boots to a summer dress, and it’s a year-round dress!

Outfit Details: Dress- Modcloth, Cardigan- Target, Belt- Another line, Tights- Target, Boots- Modcloth, Bow- American Apparel

Happy New Year!

Happy new year, loves! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! It’s time to start out fresh, and with a positive outlook. My goal is to maintain it! I have a good feeling about this year though. I hope to make a lot of amazing memories and to accomplish many goals this year.

Yesterday I had the best time with my family! Due to moving, we didn’t get to have a proper Christmas celebration so we postponed it for New Year’s Eve. My sister is one of the most amazing cooks I know, and she brought tamales and bread pudding. We stuffed ourselves just like we do every Christmas! We ate, played La Loteria, laughed, talked, and opened presents.

Ten minutes before the clock struck twelve, we got into New Years mode. We started getting the cider and the noise makers ready. Once twelve came around, I welcomed the year with a kiss from my sweetheart. We have a great year ahead of us. Celebrating these moments with the people you love is the best way to greet the year! Welcome, 2013!

Outfit details: Top- Ann Taylor, Skirt- Forever 21, Tights- Target, Shoes- Forever 21

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, lovely people! I hope you all are having an amazing time with your families! That’s what this time of year is all about.

Even though we’re still in the midst of moving, we went out on a little Christmas dinner date with mom and dad last night. We had such a great time! Then we came home, watched a movie, and beat Santa to our Red Velvet cake. So glad the hubby built the couches yesterday. We got to enjoy it all in our cozy little living room.

I hope you all continue to enjoy your Christmas! Enjoy your families and those you love the most!

Outfit details: Dress- Staccato, Cardigan- J.Crew, Tights- Marshall’s, Shoes- Converse, Headband- Dessert For Breakfast Etsy shop

Glimpses of my move

 1. It is mandatory to be comfy while moving. The weather outside is frightful so I have been bundled up lately. I live in sweaters. This sweater in particular is my favorite though. It’s so comfy and warm.

2. Packing has helped me come to the realization that I have a problem. I think I really like shoes or something.

 3. Moving is no fun, but moving during the holidays is even worst. We had to take down our Christmas tree and decorations early, but we decided that this would be our new tree for this year. Nice and simple.

4. Here are a few of my favorite things that I own: my record player, my vinyls, and my Mickey Mouse jar. They are all ready to go to their new home. I am actually really excited to decorate this new place. I have so many new decorating ideas. I look through a lot of blogs for inspiration, and I have found some projects that I can’t wait to try!

5. Rigby helps us move by being entertaining and cute.

6. A girl needs to eat! Actually when I ordered this, I didn’t expect to be served such a monster. It was delicious, but there was no way I could eat this in one sitting. I seriously felt like I was in a food challenge. Woman vs. Food.

 7. Best way to end my day.

Playlist of the week

This week has been quite hectic with all this moving business. We’ve been moving boxes (well more my husband and dad), cleaning, and painting all week. I’d rather be baking cookies, but I’m thankful for a roof over my head. I’m also thankful for an awesome playlist that has gotten us through painting three rooms. We pretty much had a painting dance party thanks to this playlist! These songs are sure to make you dance your way through a long day.

1. Kennedy – Karate

2. Hanni El Khatib -You Rascal you

3. Andrew Bird – Minor Stab

4. Say Anything – Woe

5. The Virgins – Rich Girls

6. Miike Snow – Black and Blue

7. Empire of The Sun – Walking On a Dream

8. Passion Pit – Take a Walk

9. OMC – How Bizarre

10. The Whitest Boy Alive – Fireworks

 Can you see why we were able to paint so much now? Upbeat is the way to go when you gotta get ‘er done. Here I am so proud of our painting skills. We still have a whole lotta work to do this weekend, but hopefully we’ll be able to sit back and relax by Monday. Three days until Christmas! Yay! So excited to spend time with the whole family in our new little place! Have a great weekend, lovelies!

Outfit Details: Sweater- J.Crew, Pants- Love Sick, Shoes- Forever 21

What I Wore: Anniversary Edition

Outfit details: Dress- Monteau, Belt- Another Line, Tights- Romwe, Shoes- Preview International

We had so much fun celebrating our two year anniversary yesterday! It was definitely a special event, and special events call for pasta! So we went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants, and had a nice dinner.

I got so many compliments on my tights! They had just come in the mail yesterday morning. Perfect timing for my special date! All the grandmas loved them! I always feel like I wore a great outfit when the older gals compliment me. I also got a “SHE LOOKS LIKE LADY GAGA!” from a little boy. What can I say, I was born this way.