Holiday Photo Tips – Peyton & Parker


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I absolutely LOVE the holidays. I love them even more now that I am a mother though. I get to introduce my boys to all of my favorite holiday traditions from picking out a pumpkin to picking out a Christmas tree. There’s so many special and exciting things that are going to happen within these next few months, and you know I will have my camera ready to capture it all.

Taking photos of/with kiddos isn’t always the easiest task, but it is so worth it! I always end up sweating, but I like to think it counts as a work out. Our babies won’t always be this little, and I want to make sure I remember every stage. Theres a few things I like to do to make the photo-taking process a little easier.


Here are the steps I go through when taking holiday photos:


I always think of where we are going to take the photo first. Will it be indoors or outdoors? What time will the lighting be best? Lighting is so important when taking photos. Natural lighting is always my go-to whether we’re shooting indoors or outdoors. It’s usually best to shoot early in the morning or in the evening to avoid direct sunlight.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am a big fan of matching with my boys. I love coordinating our outfits, especially when taking photos. I like to mix prints and textures to make things fun and interesting. In these photos, we are wearing a new line called Peyton & Parker that is exclusively at JCPenney. I am obsessed with this collection because they mix prints and textures so beautifully. You can pick up anything from their collection for everyone in your family and it will match. Their collection is so affordable as well. It makes shopping for holiday outfits so easy!


To keep everything running as smoothly as possible some preparation is needed. Lay out your outfits, pack your snacks, make sure everyone is feed and comfortable prior to taking photos. I take most of my photos in my home, so I am sure to have the room clean and decorated before taking photos.

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Decorating my home for Christmas is something I look forward to all year long. It’s so much fun, and I even like getting the kids involved (it’s such a great photo opportunity too). Peyton & Parker has some of the cutest signs and knitted stockings for Christmas! I also love their throw pillows and blankets. I’m sure I will be keeping those items out all year round. I love how the whole collection coordinates, even the home decor. Perfect for that Christmas card photo!

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Tripod & Remote

I take most of my photos myself thanks to my handy dandy tripod and remote! It makes things so much easier. I used to use the self timer, and found that I would get tired faster. Isn’t running after the kiddos enough?!

Have fun

I love engaging with my little ones while taking photos. Not only do those tickle sessions make the best memories, but they make the best photos too. Candid photos always end up being my favorite.


If they are having fun, you are sure to have fun too. This Peyton & Parker banner was their favorite part!



Thank you to JCPenney for sponsoring this post! Be sure to visit your local JCPenney store to get all your holiday needs or click here to check out the full Peyton & Parker line.

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Polka Dots, Pockets, and a Pop of Color

Outfit Details: Top- Forever 21 // Skirt- Theory // Tights- Target // Shoes- Nautralizer 
I’m sure you all have noticed my polka dot obsession. I wrote a post not too long ago about how I wanted to add different things to my closet, and maybe tone down my love for polka dots. I think that may be impossible though. Needless to say, polka dots are here to stay! I just can’t stay away from them. I guess I can say that polka dots are my spirit print! 
I am a big fan of dresses and skirts with pockets. I think they not only look neat, but they also come in handy. I’ve had this skirt for a few years now, and I’ve always loved it. It’s one of those timeless pieces that I’ll probably never get rid of. I also like the fact that I can dress it up or down. I thought I would add a little pop of color to these neutrals I was wearing. Colored tights always do the trick.
On Sunday, I decided to dress up a bit for a date with the hubby. We had a great weekend. We got to watch a movie, eat some good food, and spend some quality time together. It was awesome.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Outfit Details: Dress- Forever 21 // Tights- Romwe // Shoes- Bait Footwear
So I didn’t exactly walk on a yellow brick road, but I did go watch Oz the Great and Powerful yesterday. I absolutely loved it! I’m a big fan of the Oz movies and I also read and saw Wicked. So I was really anticipating this film! Everything about this film was amazing! The effects, costumes, actors, just everything! I’m also a big fan of James Franco. He was perfect for the role!
I geeked out big time by wearing all green. I can’t help it. It’s also a perfect excuse to bust out my Spring attire! I don’t own a lot of green, but I’m glad I gave this color a chance. I am opening up to new colors this year. Speaking of Spring, today is daylight savings time. I have never been so excited to lose an hour of sleep! I am definitely looking forward to more sunlight.

Pass The Pastels

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

I am so happy with all of the pastels I have been seeing everywhere these days. It can only mean one thing, Spring is near! With Spring coming, I feel like I am in need of a bit more of the pastel color palette in my closet.

Above are a few of the pastel pieces that have recently caught my eye. I am especially in love with those Bait Spectator T-strap heels! T-straps have always had a special place in my heart, but these are just plain amazing! Bait Footwear has a ton of gorgeous shoes that are perfect for the Spring. So many styles and pretty colors! Pink, mint, and lavender are definitely taking over this Spring.

I also wanted to give you all the news that I will be updating Little Red Bowtique (my Storenvy shop) very soon! Expect lots of pretty pastels and collars! I have been wanting to update my shop for the longest time, and I’m so excited to finally get the ball rolling. At the moment, I only have handmade hair accessories listed. I will let you guys as soon as the new listings are up!

Hearts, Stripes, and Everything Nice.

Outfit Details: Top (which is actually a dress)- Forever 21 // Skirt- Forever 21 // Shoes- J.Crew 
// Sunglasses- Tumbleweeds Handcraft // Purse- Thrifted
Hearts, stripes, bows, navy, and red are all on the list of my favorite things. Since I have no self control, I wear them all at the same time. Why not, right?! 
The colors I wore today remind me of the beach. Oh how I miss the beach! It has been quite a while since I’ve taken a trip to Santa Cruz or Monterrey, but today I dressed up like that was my destination. If you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach to where you are. That was today’s theory. I didn’t get to enjoy any waves or sand in person, but I am definitely enjoying it in spirit. 

Windy Day

Outfit Details- Dress- Forever 21 // Cardigan- Target // Tights- Target // Shoes- Franco Sarto
Only in California will you feel all the seasons in one week! This past week was sunny, rainy, warm, and cold. I can’t complain too much though. I get the best of both worlds! Yesterday was one of those windy days. My hair in these photos says it all!

I had been on the look out for a black and white chevron dress for some time now. I had seen a few online that I liked, but I never got to buying any of them. Shopping online is lots of fun, but it gives me a lot of time to think. When I shop in person, I do a lot more impulse buying. When I saw this dress at Forever 21, I had to follow my impulses and buy it! I’m glad I did too! It’s all that I was looking for! Oh, and it has pockets! I always love a dress with pockets.


Sweater Love

Outfit Details: Sweater- Thrifted, Dress- Forever 21, Tights- J.Crew, Shoes- Franco Sarto

 January and sweaters go together like peanut butter and jelly. Lucky for me, I found the coziest sweater at one of my recent trips to the thrift store. I always find my favorite clothes while thrifting. When I saw it, it reminded me of a sweater that Katie from Skunkboy blog wore not too long ago. I loved how she wore it! So I decided to wear this cozy sweater with a dress as well. Thanks for the inspiration, Katie!

This weekend has been very cozy as well. This weather just makes you just want to stay at home, cuddle up with a blanket, and drink hot chocolate. I’ve been wanting hot chocolate for about a week now. I thought cravings were only supposed to last 15 minutes! Anyway, We’ve spent most of our weekend at home just watching The Pacific in our PJs. We only went out to watch a movie. We went to go watch Zero Dark Thirty. Crazy good movie! Kinda hard to watch though. I always go Siskel and Ebert on you guys! So did you guys do anything exciting this weekend?

Current Obsession: Grandpa Attire

We all know that older folk are experts at comfort, and lately I’ve been inspired by them!  I own some grandpa attire, and it seems to make its way into many of my everyday outfits. I practically live in a cardigan and moccasins. The picture above is of one of my grandpa outfits from this week. I could possibly say that it was one of the comfiest outfits I’ve ever worn. This Winter weather makes you want to just stay at home all day. It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring! Why not snore in style?

1. Cardigan- Madewell, Shoes- Minnetonka // 2. Cardigan- Tory Burch, Shoes- Target or try your local thrift store (I’ve spotted some at mine!) // 3. Cardigan- J.Crew, Shoes- Bass

I am a guilty hoarder of cardigans and shoes. You can never have too many of both! Also, cardigans can be worn with absolutely anything and for any occasion. Here’s a couple of sets I made of cardi’s and shoes I would pair together. On the first set, I paired a white cardigan with yellow mocs. I already have these mocs in tan, but I know that if I had the yellow ones they would automatically become my favorite! On the second set, I paired a mint cardigan with a pair of shoes that I already own. I had never been a fan of anything mint color until recently. This color gives an adorable pop to any outfit! On the third set, I chose a Mister Rodgers inspired cardigan (I miss that guy) with some adorable saddle shoes. I used to have shoes like these when I would watch Mister Rodgers’ Neighborhood! That’s probably where this post roots from!

When it comes to everyday outfits, comfort is key! I’ve had many moments where I have channeled my inner child in my outfits. I decided to give my inner grandpa a chance too!