Beach Dreaming

Outfit details: Hat- Borrowed from Mom, Top- Miley Cyrus & Max Azria, Dress- Monteau, Shoes- Target

My weekends are days that I cherish. Who doesn’t cherish sleeping in & fun adventures with lovely people? We spent most of our Saturday indoors, A/C at full blast, and watching crime shows, The Big Bang Theory, and prison shows in our PJ’s. However, after a few hours of being lazy butts we decided that we needed a little bit of outdoor Summer vibes. By the looks of my outfit, I was ready to go to the beach but instead I went on a grocery run with Jon to get Pico de Gallo paletas (popsicles). Paletas are our addiction every summer along with watermelon, frozen yogurt, and iced coffee drinks.

This weekend I decided to borrow this fabulous hat from my momma. It’s such a sweet Summer piece! So perfect for the beach! My mom is definitely one of my fashion inspirations. The pieces in her closet are so classy and timeless. I blame her for my love of cardigans and shoes. Speaking of shoes, I decided to bring out my floral wedges for the first time this year. My feet are usually in closed toed shoes from Monday to Friday, so it was nice to give my feet some fresh air and a tan!

Today I went on a little adventure with Jon and my mom. We road-tripped it to the Bay Area to see where Jon will be start working soon. He’s definitely pumped and I’m so very excited for him too! We’re so motivated for the future, and are so excited for what God has in store for us. What a perfect way to end the weekend!

I am off to get recharged for tomorrow! I hope you all have an amazing and productive week! ♥


As you guys have probably noticed, I’ve been out for quite some time. My last post was in April, and we are already in July! However, I’ve been meaning to dust off my camera and laptop to update you all. Luckily, I’ve had my iPhone at hand during these last few months! I’ve been absent on my blog, but you can’t keep me away from Instagram. I update that thing quite often. It’s just so convenient for a lazy bum like me!

Last night I stayed up late catching up with my favorite blogs, and gosh did it make me miss posting! Lately, my life has been wake up, work, eat, sleep, and repeat. What’s so interesting about that, right?! I’ve failed to notice all of the fun and eventful things that have happened in between of what I call mundane. It hasn’t been all work and no play!

Last month we made a trip to Disneyland and had a blast. We were there for the weekend with my family. I saw radiator Springs, and almost felt like I was in front of the Grand Canyon. I loved seeing my nephew’s reactions to all of his favorite characters too. Disneyland is much funner when you’re a kid or when you’re with one. Despite the long lines, I got on all of the best rides. And Of course, I overdosed on sweets while I was there. The candy apple made me do it!

Summer has made it’s grand appearance in California. I have done my fair share of complaining about the 108 degree weather, but I have been enjoying the longer days. I’ve been sporting the top knot much more than usual, and have been bringing out the Summer apparel little by little. Road trips, frozen yogurt, evening bike rides, and bright colors. I always find something to love about every season. 

What’s your favorite thing about Summer?

Well I’m off to do some cleaning and then continue my lovely four day weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful one! 


According to Google, Summer starts on June 13, 2012…. BUT Everyday of this week has felt like summer to me! Sure the weather has been a little crazy, but I guess my definition of summer is a bit different than that of Webster’s Dictionary. To me, Summer is about going out on spontaneous road trips, staying up late watching our favorite movies and playing video games, celebrating awesome weather with a Popsicle out in the backyard… Summer is about enjoying the things and the people that you love the most. When I go out on walks, I see kids playing outside without a care in the world. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to just enjoy it! This shouldn’t just be a Summer thing, of course. We should have a “Summer moment” everyday… even in the coldest day of winter. It just seems that Summer is just filled with more of those great moments more than any other season.

This week has been full of “Summer moments”, and it’s barely Thursday. Yesterday I went to go watch Snow White and the Huntsman with my hubby and my mommy. A date with two of my favorite people in the whole world… It was great! The movie was really good too! Go watch it! It was a spontaneous thing… I just happened to dress up Snow Whitesque and thought “Hey! Lets go watch Snow White!” Spontaneous events are always the funnest, especially when you’re with the people you love! Here’s the so-called Snow White outfit.

I had a “summer moment” today too! Let me Introduce her to you!

Her name is Florence, and she is a German Shepard puppy. She’s very loveable and sweet! I’m sure she’ll be on this blog a lot now that she’s part of the family. We had so much fun with her today. We pretty much spent the whole day outside with her. We took her a bath, ran around the backyard with her, rolled in the grass with her…. we even bonded for a little bit smelling the flowers.

She’s feeling a bit out of her zone right now, but we’re hoping she gets used to us soon. We love her so much already! I hope you all had many summer moments today! If you haven’t, make them happen! You’re never too busy for a “Summer Moment”.